Chickens at Lainesmead

Those of you who have been associated with the school for several years will know that traditionally we have had chickens for our children to look after. We are now very pleased to announce that we now have a new flock of ten young chickens who were born this year and are yet to start laying eggs.. The ladies arrived last week and Mr Kyson and Mr Kinsey were absolute stars in getting their coop and enclosure ready for them at very short notice.

Our ten chickens are all mixed hybrid birds who have been bred to be very good layers, laying between 250 and 300 eggs per year, to be docile and easy for children to handle.

Under supervision and observing health and safety requirements the children will be responsible for checking the chickens have food and fresh water each day; they will also collect the eggs and deliver them to Chef Luann so they can be used in our yummy school meals.

So now we need names for our lovely ladies and the children have been invited to make suggestions in a naming competition. All the suggested names will be forwarded to the School Council who will make the final choices shortly.

Please keep an eye on this page for an update on the names and also to hear who lays the first eggs!

A Beautiful Speckledy Hen

Mr Kyson and Mr Kinsey who we thank very much for collecting the chickens and making their new home ready for them.

Children from the Gardening Club welcoming the chickens to their new home

Mr Kinsey holding a Pied Ranger chicken

A lovely Bluebell chicken being handled by Mr Kyson

A very cheeky White Leghorn Chicken – this lady escaped when we were moving into her new home!