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We aim to challenge and inspire children to achieve in mathematics. Children will require the basic skills that will enable them to achieve in numeracy throughout their lives. At Lainesmead, the children enjoy their lessons and love to be challenged. Teachers inspire the children to achieve through fun, exciting and practical lessons. Children are provided with a variety of activities including open ended tasks, investigations and problem solving to stimulate higher order mathematical thinking. As children progress through the school children are taught number work, shape, space and measures, data handling and mental strategies. Children are encouraged to discuss their learning with the other pupils to develop a deeper understanding.

Mathematics Mastery is a whole-school approach to teaching mathematics that aims to raise the attainment for all pupils and close the attainment gap. There is an expectation that all children can and will achieve in maths. We talk about the 'Yeti' effect and encourage the children to say 'I can't do it YET!' rather than I can't do it.

Children are encourage to physically represent mathematical concepts. Object and pictures are used to show ideas and explain thinking, alongside numbers and symbols.

Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of ways to give a richer and deeper learning experience.

We ask questions to encourage children to explore and explain their mathematical thinking. How do you know? Why does that happen? Can you convince me that it is correct?

Remember that the answer is just the beginning. We use this to explore our maths further and deepen our understanding.

Maths: Everyone Can Video

New: addition, multiplication, division and subtraction videos

New: Find out about Growth Mindset and how we are using it to encourage mathematical learning. Please check out the video clips on 'How we learn' and 'Praise'.

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