Curriculum: Reading

Power of Reading - We are fortunate to be taking part in a renowned, nationwide reading project, which ensures children are exposed to high quality, high interest and varied texts which foster a love of reading. The power of reading allows children to fully explore wonderful books in a range of different ways including drama, art, music and book making. One year five child credited her wonderful vocabulary to the power of reading and the book her teacher has been sharing in class. She said.... “ My teacher reads me books I wouldn’t usually pick up and this helps me to learn new words.”

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Lainesmead Early Reading Intervention - Lainesmead runs a short-term programme for children who are starting to show signs of struggling with their reading. By catching them early we can get them up to the correct level of reading for their age. The Early Reading Specialist Teacher starts form the needs of the child, what the child knows already and what he/she needs to learn next and this different for each child.

Extra Reading Partners – This is a short-term programme supporting children with their reading strategies and comprehension (Early Year- Year 6) this intervention is run by trained teaching assistants and volunteers under the guidance of the Early Reading Specialist.

Reading Volunteers - Lainesmead has many Reading Volunteers who support our children with their reading skills to help Lainesmead children have the best possible future.

Reading Coach - (peer coaching and Year 6 coaches) Children may be given a reading coach to allow them to practice their reading skills, boosting their confidence. The coaches are trained and supported by the Early Reading Specialist.

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