BBC 500 Words Writing Competition

Some weeks ago, we ran a club for children who wanted to submit a story to Radio 2's 500 Words Competition. We were fortunate enough for one of our children's storiesto be selected to move forward to the next stage of judging. Good Luck!

Return of Happiness By Mohak

Long ago in the year 1951, there was a boy called Joe. He was 10 years old. He had two grandpas; Dan and David. Dan and David were 81 years and 75 years old respectively. Joe was living in Sydney with Dan and parents, David was living in a small village near Sydney. Since Joe’s parents were working, Dan used to take care of him. Joe liked Dan more than David because Dan was very light-hearted and loved to spend time with him. David was very strict and wanted Joe to be disciplined all the time.

Joe and Dan were happy to be together; they used to play hide and seek, scrabble and lot of other board games together. Every day, Dan picked up Joe from school and took him to the park. He always loved watching Joe playing with his friends. Dan sometimes joined him and taught him football; he was a good football player after all. He was a great mentor. With Dan, Joe was chirping like a bird and galloping like a horse.

Suddenly things changed. One day, Joe was extremely surprised when his mum came to pick him up from school instead of Dan. “Why did Dan not pick me up from school?”, asked worried Joe. “He had a heart attack and he is in the hospital”, mum replied sadly. Then, tears burst out of their eyes. His friends surrounded him and asked “Are you okay?”, Joe and his mum left the school without talking to anyone. Due to Dan’s old age, he couldn’t survive and died after few days.

After this tragedy, Joe’s and his parents’ life got turned upside down. David moved to Sydney to stay with them. Initially, he was very stern with Joe; that made Joe miss Dan miserably. He wilted like a flower; he stopped going to the park to play with his friends. He was as sad as the sinking Titanic under the depths of the icy ocean. He used to sob sadly in his room as he was not able to accept the fact that Dan is not with him. Very soon, David realized the problem that he shouldn’t be tough with Joe instead he should be spending more time with Joe. Grandpa started cheering him up by taking him to exciting places like theme parks, movies, and adventure parks. He also gave him special treats, taking Joe for peaceful bike rides and walks. They also played Xbox together. David helped him with his homework.

Over the period of time, but slowly, Joe became comfortable with David and started enjoying his company. Joe’s mum and dad were extremely happy to see that Joe was able to get along playfully with David and the smile came back on Joe’s face.

The End