Ofsted & Awards

As you know, the school was inspected by an Ofsted team on 26th and 27th June. The inspection report has now been published and we are extremely proud to announce that the school has been awarded an overall grading of GOOD.

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2016 Key Stage 2 Data

Reading, Writing, Maths Combined
Floor Target 65%
National 53%
Lainesmead School 44% *
Swindon 45%

*Validation of data is expected to increase this to 46% due to late arrival in the country

Percentage Attaining Expected Standard by Subject
  School Swindon National
Reading (Test) 60% 66% 66%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 68% 73% 72%
Mathematics (Test) 57% 70% 70%
Writing (Teacher Assessment) 60% 58% 74%

Average Scaled Scores by Subject
  School Swindon National
Reading (Test) 102.2 102.4 102.0
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 104.3 104.1 103.0
Mathematics (Test) 101.8 102.8 103.0

Progress Measures
  School Swindon National
Reading +1.9 -0.42 -5
Writing -0.1 -3.59 -7
Maths -0.1 -0.54 -5

A school is considered to be above the floor if:

• 65%+ of children meet the expected standard in English reading, English writing and Mathematics OR

• the school achieves progress scores in all three subjects. These must be at least -5 for English reading, -5 for Mathematics and -7 for English writing

Lainesmead Primary School is above floor standard for progress.

2015 Key Stage 2 Data

Subject 2 or more levels of Progress KS1-KS2 (Expected) 3 Whole levels of Progress KS1-KS2 (More than Expected) Level 4 + Level 5+ Level 6
Reading 88% 41% 80% 37% -
Writing 90% 39% 73% 15% -
Maths 85% 32% 76% 27% 2%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling     68% 22% -
RWM Combined     66% 10% -

The School Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4. The dashboard can be used by school governors and by members of the public to check the performance of the school in which they are interested.

The School Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted school inspection report by providing an analysis of school performance over a three-year period. Data can be filtered by key stage or by topic:

Expected progress
Narrowing the gap between disadvantaged and other pupils

Users are asked to refer to the guidance document for additional information on the measures contained in the reports.

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