South Africa Class

Mrs Dodson (Mon, Tues and Wed) Mrs Smogur (Thurs and Fri)

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The Ukulele

20th June 2018

Corinium Museum Trip

15th May 2018

Exploding Volcanoes

29th March 2018

Video from our Literacy Lesson

28th February 2018

Term 3 Fabulous Finish

5th February 2018

Term 2 Fabulous Finish

13th December 2017

Literacy Games

5th December 2017

School Fayre Preperation

5th December 2017

Iron Age

28th November 2017

Journey Through Time

16th October 2017

Stone Age Trip

6th October 2017

Making Fossils

5th October 2017

Building Shelters

October 2017


Parent Overview

Parent Overview 2017/18